Nashville's New Job Sector: Digital Firms

Nashville's New Job Sector: Digital Firms


Nashville has a new job sector. Actually, it has had this position for some time but right now, it is likely that the area will see a significant jump in the number of positions and the amount of business coming out of the area. What is the market? The digital media. For those who are unemployed or those who are looking for a technology job in Nashville, this area could be one of the best areas to find that position.

Why Is Digital Media Important to Nashville?

According to many experts, the area is prime to see significant growth as new ventures begin to form. In January of 2010, AOL purchased StudioNow for $37 million, a Nashville company specializing in video creation. Previously, Yahoo purchased for some $100 million. The company is headquartered in nearby Brentwood.  So what?

According to some experts, 2012 could be the year that the area sees significant growth in this area. It is likely that new partnerships, various ventures and even exits will occur that will improve not only the local economy but add to the job growth in the region.

Web companies are becoming more in demand than ever. Those who have skills in this technology sector could see themselves in better jobs very soon. If you are someone that works in digital media, do you feel that the area is poised for growth? More so, do you know of any digital media companies that are now hiring?

Though there is no guarantee in this field, experts believe that there will be significant growth here. That could help to boost the Nashville job market just when it needs it the most.