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Bank Economist Says Economy Is Okay: Nashville Job Market Breakdown


In Nashville, job market conditions continue to play a role in the overall stability of the area. However, according to some experts, the economy as a whole may not be doing as poorly as some believe. It could be in the right position right now and be on the way up, especially in Nashville. Is it possible to really defy the worry in the markets and see positivity in the local environment?

What the Experts Say

According to the Fifth Third Bank of Cincinnati's chief investment strategist, John Augustine, there is fewer but "the data says it's Ok for now." He continues, "The good news is, the economy's moving forward." That should offer some help for those who are looking for jobs.

In Nashville, the concerns in the job and economy are similar to that of much of the United States. The areas of construction and housing starts remain problematic. However, there is some good information here. For example, small manufacturing is improving and there is growth in exports. The health care industry in Nashville is also doing well.

For those seeking a job in Nashville, know that while the area does have problematic areas, it is a diverse marketplace filled with potential. If you are looking for a job here, what steps are you taking to find prospective positions?

If you have not done so yet, consider the benefit of checking out the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. You will find some outstanding opportunities available to you there as well as links to the companies in the city hiring.