December 2011

Nashville Job Market: Flexibility and Creativity Will Be Important

Finding a job in the Nashville job market can be a struggle. There are positions out there and there is no doubt that those who want a job and have the skills for it will eventually land that position. It is all in the timing, right? That is not what experts are saying. Those pros are saying that if you want to land a job in 2012, you will need to done a creative hat and be flexible and willing to adapt to the employer's needs. Can you do that?

Most economists see 2012 as a slow growth improvement in the employment arena in the US. However, there are some areas where there are likely to be significant growth. That includes retail, professional services and health care industries. Even manufacturing is likely to see an uptick in demand. There is no doubt you will need experience and technician knowledge for some of these positions. However, you will also need some flexibility to land those positions.

Bank Economist Says Economy Is Okay: Nashville Job Market Breakdown


In Nashville, job market conditions continue to play a role in the overall stability of the area. However, according to some experts, the economy as a whole may not be doing as poorly as some believe. It could be in the right position right now and be on the way up, especially in Nashville. Is it possible to really defy the worry in the markets and see positivity in the local environment?

Would You Take a Green Job?

The Nashville jobs market is not what it needs to be. Most people know at least one person who is looking for work or looking for improved employment. The numbers are staggering, in fact. However, the underlying problem could be that the market is so saturated with qualified professionals but the types of jobs they were doing, such as industrial and manufacturing positions, are no longer available. It is unlikely these are coming back either. The question is, are you willing to enter the world of green jobs?