February 2012

Nashville Job Market - Are Increases Happening?

In Nashville, the job market continues to see some improvements. Those job increases continue to be an important part of the rebuilding of the city's economy. We are seeing jobs come in and they are doing so at a slow but steady pace. The question is, are the citizens of Nashville feeling the job increases recently announced by the Department of Labor? That is the main focus for many people who hear about these increases and wonder where those jobs are.

In Nashville, Jobs Are Out There

Let Me Talk to a Real Person!

In an age of unemployment, you’d think we could at least give jobs to humans rather than robots.

Listen up, companies, government officials, and anyone else doing any type of hiring: you could fix the economy all on your own. You really could! All you’d have to do is stop using robots and automated voice systems to process your customer service calls and instead simply use humans.

Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development Business Loans and Grants

When you’re unemployed or underemployed, it is often easy to get caught up in looking for a job. After all, isn’t that what most people do? However, no matter what your experience, there is always another option: starting your own business. The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development provides those who would like to start their own small business with loans and grants to get things up and running.

For Those Who Already Have a Business

The state of Tennessee has what is known as the Fast Track Program, which helps companies obtain the resources they need to grow, including developing new branches and hiring new employees. Click here for more information about the grants and loans meant to aid in training and hiring new employees: FastTrack Job Training Assistance Program

There are also several energy loan programs in the state that help new business owners and existing businesses afford energy saving projects. The Energy Efficiency Loan Program helps companies finance investments into new energy efficient technology, retrofitting existing equipment, and implementing renewable energy systems. The loans are typically offered with interest rates below market value, and it is possible to receive 100% funding.

Nashville Job Market - Check Out Manufacturing

One of the hardest hit industries in the recent decline has been manufacturing. When people stop buying, they often times stop the manufacturing process. It is a part of the economic cycle. However, in Nashville, the news for the job market is good. According to numerous reports, the Nashville job market was one in the country that actually added manufacturing positions throughout 2011. That is good news to those who want and need to go back to work in this industry.

The numbers come from the Nashville Business Journal, which noted that the city added 700 manufacturing jobs in 2011. This may seem like only a small increase considering the significant cuts this sector has seen, but it is good news. It helped the city to rank number 35th in the highest change upward in the industry. This also represents a growth in new jobs in the city by 1.7 percent over last year.

Nailing the Interview

No matter how “right” you are for a position, what you wear or how charming you can be, nailing an interview is somewhat of an art form. When looking for a job in Nashville, keep the following things in mind:

Don’t Show Up Unprepared

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when interviewing for a job is treating every interview the same. No matter how close the positions are, the companies you are interviewing with are different in needs, size and style. Researching the background of the company and tailoring your question responses and interaction with the interviewer to this information will give you a leg up.