March 2012

Choosing a Career That’s Best for You

One of the most appealing things about the city of Nashville is its wide array of industries: you can get into anything from manufacturing to studio recording if you time it right. So how do you go about choosing the best career for you? Whether you’re fresh out of school or planning to change careers, starting with a little bit of self-reflection is ideal. So ask yourself the following questions:

Employment Agencies in Nashville

Sometimes, job searching is best done through an employment agency. Whether you’re simply looking for a temporary job to hold you over until you find something better, or you are trying to break into a company that is technically not hiring at the moment, Nashville employment agencies can be a great alternative to the traditional resume submission and cold calling. The following are some of the best in the area.

Recording Studio Job Options

While there are definitely numerous career and employment options in Nashville, I’d be remiss to ignore the fact that the home of country music is also home to offices for all of the Big Four record labels in addition to countless indie recording studios.

Are you interested in the music scene? With the countless recording studios on Music Row, there is a job for just about everyone. Here are just a few of your options.

Nashville Job Market May See Increase in Postal Positions

In Nashville, the job market could get a small bit brighter for some. However, all is not good. The US Postal Service announced this week that it has to take drastic measures to cut costs in order to run a profitable business. In doing so, it aims to close more than 230 sorting facilities and consolidate others. The good news is that Nashville could pick up some positions as the agency moves to close other plants nearby. However, job seekers should not expect to see any now hiring signs any time soon.

Nashville State Community College

Workforce and Community Development

Unless you just graduated high school, the thought of going to college can be ... daunting, to say the least. After years of working towards career or financial goals, realizing that your education, or lack thereof, is hindering you can be mildly depressing. However, there are other options besides heading back to the classroom with a full course load.

Nashville State Community College offers programs aimed to add onto your current education, providing certifications and resume-boosting classes that will aid you in your current, or future, career. The career advancement program provides courses and certifications in sales, retail, management, and computers. Rather than trying to obtain a degree, these classes are aimed at providing those with experience in the workforce with the credentials they need to move ahead in their jobs, by opening them up to new skills and sharpening existing ones.